Thursday, March 29, 2007

Saturday, March 10, 2007

Gettin' My Text On.

Hmmm. Whom shall I text?

Maybe that lil girl from the Y.

Or maybe my homeboy Dray.

Fun in the Pack 'n' Play


Hmmm...what is this new contraption you've put me in?

If I can stand in it, it must be OK.

And I can jump too.

But if I'm in here too long, I might get a little CRAZY!

Lots of Smiles!

Aunt Zanna and Aunt Abby came to visit me.

Nothing like a good book to chew on. And I really mean CHEW on.

Who could resist this grin?

I love my sports bottle.

Me and my Mama.

More Random Stuff

Snuggled in my blanket.

Sometimes I do sit still.

Do my feet look big in these?

I like easy access to my toys.

I am NOT wearing a skirt. This is a kilt. I mean a toga. Who cares...I look cute.

Jaden Watches A Movie

Ha-ha-ha...I love a good comedy!
Wait, this is getting serious...
A little worried here.
I want my MOMMY!
Whew! What a relief!