Saturday, January 5, 2008

I feel an angelic presence. Oh wait, it's the nightlight.

Kangol, born in London. Made for my head.

This is me hysterically happy.

This is me not so happy. This is also what we call,
gettin' my Tony Soprano on.

Now with this trick...

One second, almost got it.

Voila! Disappeared.

Reappear. I'm a magical genius.

Wake up daddy, it's Christmas.

I actually know what to do now.

Quack. Quack.

Mom, didn't you hear me? I wanted the big present.

What could this contraption be?

Oooohh! A Vac.

Now I can show daddy how it's done.

Daddy, relax. I got it.

Mi Familia.

Yes Zach, I do rock.

You say boxers, I say diapers.

I got like three feet that time!

Chillin!.. on the balcony.

Who needs a yard?

Rico. Suavee.

I love my mommy!

Can you see BOB?

Daddy needs tissue.

It must be a big one!