Thursday, February 26, 2009

Jonny Flynn's Biggest Fan

So it all started a few months ago...whenever an SU basketball game was on, Jaden would jump up and down and yell, "Go, Jonny Flynn!" the entire time. We realized we had a dedicated fan in the making. His obsession has only increased since then, from enthusiastic yelling at each game to the wearing of anything around his head that slightly resembles Jonny's trademark headband. Which brings us to a scene from last night's dinner...

Jaden arrives to the table with a string tied around his head...

Mom: "Jaden, would you like some soup?"

Jaden: "I'm not Jaden. I'm Jonny Flynn."

Mom: "Oh, well then, Jonny Flynn, would you like some soup?"

Jaden: "Sure, Mom."

Dad (a little later, after interest in dinner is gone after only two bites): "Jaden, if you don't eat your soup, maybe I should call Jonny Flynn and see what he thinks about it."

Jaden: "Oh, no I'll eat the soup." (Doesn't eat the soup.)

Dad (pretending to dial his cell phone): "Hello, Jonny? Yes, Jaden doesn't think he needs to eat his soup. What's that? You think he should? Oh, well I'll let him know..."

Jaden proceeds to eat the rest of his soup. If Jonny Flynn only knew the power he has...

And that brings us to the events of today...

1st practice as junior coach.

It's gonna be a tough one boys.

Jonny, watch the weak side!

Swing the ball fellas.

All this coaching got me tired.

Not for long though, pick up the pace boys.

Time to give back to my fans.

Posing by this ridiculously large S.

Wait, you are not Jonny Flynn! The smile and the headband almost fooled me.

This is JONNY FLYNN! It's nice to finally meet you. Dude, where's your headband?